Residential Services by Amped Electric

Amped Electric performs complete residential services for all of your lighting needs throughout the Council Bluffs and Omaha Metro area.  From basic repairs to custom requests. Our services are performed in a timely manner at a reasonable cost. We guarantee our work.

Whether it’s adding bathroom accessories like installing exhaust fans, setting up your data wiring, or providing full-service panel upgrades, call Amped Electric  for your most essential Council Bluffs, Omaha  electrical installation needs.

Call upon our team of experienced  electricians to get the job done. Our electrical services provide for your most basic and most complicated jobs for businesses and homes.

Some of our residential lighting services include:

Can Lighting

We can do Can and Recessed Lighting Installations. Can lighting or recessed lighting is becoming more and more popular in home and businesses in Council Bluffs and the Omaha Metro area, because the results are immediate and there are no fixtures hanging in your space or cords around the outlets. Can lighting is mounted in the ceiling and installed most frequently in kitchens, bathrooms, sitting rooms, hallways, bedrooms and more! Recessed lighting can help the appearance of any room. To design or create a can lighting layout or any other lighting, call the electricians at Amped Electric.

Track Lighting

We can do Track Lighting Installs and Repairs. Track lights have an electrical track, which is where the lights hang from, that supplies power all along its length. This electrical track makes it possible to aim the lights to focus on anything that you would want to draw attention to. You can choose the type of head or light you want off the electrical track. Then you choose the bulb that will light the room or area.


Upgrade to Lighting Dimmers, and Set the Mood! Adding dimmer switches can help enhance the mood and décor of the room. There is more to changing a switch than connecting a few wires. You have to check grounding and box size for a safe connection. Upgrading wiring can also become an issue when you are installing a dimmer switch. These reason alone, are why you should call the professionals at Amped Electric. Our electricians can handle any type of situation including making the wiring safe and making sure it meets Electrical code requirements

Motion Sensor Light

Get Modern Motion Sensor Lighting For Security and Save Electricity. Motion Sensor lighting or automatic sensors are great ways to help ensure safety in your home. Motion sensors are lights that automatically turn on when motion is detected. These automatic sensors can be set up in specific areas or rooms in your home. Motion sensors can provide you with peace of mind for your family. You can install motion sensors near garages, front doors, back doors, or even in bathrooms or bedrooms for kids who cannot reach the light switch.

Cabinet Lighting

Install Cabinet Lighting in Your Kitchen or Bathroom.  Under cabinet lighting is a great way to add lighting to any kitchen, especially for workspaces on countertops. For more information on different cabinet lighting, call us today to discover our newest options for your property.

Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Outdoor lighting can enhance the beauty of your landscaping and the usefulness of outdoor living spaces. Amped Electric  electricians can install any wall mounted or lighting affixed to your home or outdoor space.

Ceiling Fans

Upgrade a Lighting Fixture to a Ceiling Fan. Ceiling Fan installation is one of the most requested residential electrical services. We install all types of ceiling fans in all types of areas, no matter the ceiling height. To schedule our electrician out to install a ceiling fan, contact Amped Electric.

Bathroom Accessories

The electricians at Amped Electric specialize in adding modern bathroom accessories like exhaust fans, Lights above your sink. Call on us to get the job done today.